I eat therefore I am - Small curious dictionary of food
I eat therefore I am - Small curious dictionary of food

I eat therefore I am - Small curious dictionary of food


At the crossroads between past and present, food, culture and nature, art and science, food nourishes stomachs, minds and imaginations.

The act of eating, vital and daily, shapes our identities.
Taste and disgust are formed as much by the innate as by the acquired.
Since the invention of breeding and agriculture 10,000 years ago, Man has transformed animal and plant species to feed himself.

Beyond its biological function, eating creates links.
It is a sacred gesture that brings humans into communion with their ancestors, their gods or the beyond.
Our modes of consumption and production are today posed in ecological, nutritional and technological terms that require us to think about food in a globalized world.

What did our ancestors eat?
How can we reconcile exploitation and preservation of nature?
Will the plate of the future be a plate of rupture?

These are just some of the questions that this Petit dictionnaire curieux de l'alimentation attempts to answer by presenting the scientific research of the Muséum national d'histoire naturelle to the greatest number of people on a subject that is very much in vogue today.
Enough to satisfy even the greediest of eaters.


Authors: Christophe Lavelle, Marie Merlin
Collection : MNHN Grand Publ
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Language : French
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Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle
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