Edible Science - Small edible experiments for the whole family
Edible Science - Small edible experiments for the whole family

Edible Science - Small edible experiments for the whole family


Concocted by an experienced culinary author, the 41 experiments gathered in this book will amaze more than one science lover. When sugar, chocolate and soda start to bubble, become threads to stretch or pretty crystallized lollipops, the curiosity of young chemists is awakened and discoveries are legion.

  • When science becomes fun... and edible! Make sparkling pebbles, manipulate a sticky dough, give life to a pizza, gel water drops... Before becoming a delicious snack, the experiments designed by Andrew Schloss allow to understand basic chemical reactions.
  • With the practice, the theory. Clear and accessible explanations are provided at the end of each experiment, enlightening readers on the scientific principles at work before their eyes.
  • Step-by-step photographs. Whether showing the steps of the "recipe" or the result, the iconography shows the experiments from every angle and makes them easy to understand.

A book for all budding scientists who want to get their hands dirty!


Turn your kitchen into a science lab with over 40 fun experiments, all edible... or almost! It's up to you!

And many more delicious experiments, explained step by step, are waiting for you: sparkling pebbles, live pizza, inflatable marshmallows, mint clouds, weird brownies, dyed eggs, volcanic chocolate, homemade soda...


Author: Andrew Schloss
Photographer : Chris Rochelle
Translator: Laurent Laget
Collection : JEUNESSE
Favourite de Molière, les libraires réunis
Language : French
Binding : Hardcover
Weight : 524 gr

Number of pages
Publication date
22.0 cm x 22.0 cm x 1.6 cm
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