Le monde sans fin
Le monde sans fin

Le monde sans fin


The meeting between a major comic book author and an eminent specialist in energy issues and the impact on the climate led to this project, as an obvious necessity to testify on subjects that concern us all. Intelligent, clear and not without a sense of humor, this book explains in chapter form the profound changes that our planet is currently undergoing and the consequences, already observed, of these sometimes radical changes.
Jean-Marc Jancovici supports his remarkably well-argued vision by placing the question of energy and climate change at the heart of his reflection, while evoking the economic (is the race for growth at all costs a delusion?), ecological and societal stakes. This enlightened testimony proves to be precious, fascinating and invites reflection on subjects that are sometimes divisive, particularly that of the energy transition.
Christophe Blain plays the role of the candid, in the manner of his book "En cuisine avec Alain Passard" and "Quai d'Orsay" signed with the expertise of a co-author: an indispensable 120-page book to better understand our world, quite simply!


Jean-Marc Jancovici, Christophe Blain
Clémence Sapin

Number of pages
192 pages
Publication date
24,8 cm × 30,0 cm × 2,5 cm
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