Elou - Cork ufo
Elou - Cork ufo

Elou - Cork ufo


Made of cork and with a light colour, this two-piece toy is perfect to improve story-telling and also to make daily playtime more fun.

Many situations can be reproduced with this material. Kids will make them interact with other elements, play or everyday objects alike. Mini scenarios arise which turn into Mini Worlds to reveal emotions, movements, imagination, etc.

This toy is ideal to experiment and play. Cork is light, quiet and safe. Made out of cork from protected cork-oaks which are harvested only at allowed periods (approximately every 9 years) and infused throughout with certified child-safe dyes, which means the colour of the toy remains intact as it ages.

You will find further information on cork harvesting and production in this short manual.


Pieces : 2 cork pieces.
Size : 14.5 x 14.5 x 8.7 cm.
Recommended age : +12 months

Toys, Figurines et miniatures, Exhibitions, Urgence climatique