Tetes Brulees The Mega Candy Factory
Tetes Brulees The Mega Candy Factory

Tetes Brulees The Mega Candy Factory


Discover the pleasure of making your own jelly candies with the "La Mega Fabrik à bonbons" boxed set from Têtes Brûlées! Inspired by the famous Têtes Brûlées candies, this kit lets you rediscover all the sensations of these delicious sweets at home. Easy and fun, this culinary experience will delight young and old alike. Create tantalizing strawberry, peach, cola and orange flavored candies, using 100% natural ingredients and 100% vegetable gelling agents.


The box contains everything you need to concoct your own gummy candies and threads inspired by the tasty Filapecho Têtes Brûlées, offering a fun and creative activity to share with family and friends.

Tantalizing aromas: Rediscover the emblematic flavors of Têtes Brûlées with natural strawberry, peach and cola aromas that will awaken your taste buds.

Natural ingredients: Enjoy delicious, carefree candy thanks to 100% natural flavors and colors, guaranteeing a healthy, tasty experience.

Made in France
From age 7
Complies with European standards - CE certified
Vegetable gelling agent

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