Espions. Des métiers très secrets.
Espions. Des métiers très secrets.

Espions. Des métiers très secrets.


Why and how does one become a spy? What is said in spy movies is it true? What happens when an agent is unmasked? Are there many spies? Is it true that agents leave messages under benches or in tree trunks?

Put yourself in the shoes of a spy, it's possible! Intelligence methods are learned. Thirty answers to thirty questions posed by teenagers reveal not-so-mysterious professions. Illustrated with humor, this book gives an unprecedented voice to fourteen French agents in action: they tell their itinerary, their missions, their daily lives. It also deciphers big cases like Enigma or Farewell who have long kept their secrets.

This book accompanies the exhibition "Espions" conceived in co-production with TOE-The Oligarchs Editions and in partnership with the producers of the Bureau of Legends TOP-The Oligarchs Productions and Federation Entertainment. It is presented at the City of Science and Industry, from October 15, 2019 to August 9, 2020.


Authors: Caroline Pellissier and Virginie Aladjidi
Illustrator Charles Berberian
Publishers: City of Science and Industry / TOE The Oligarchs Editions
Public: from 14 years old.
ISBN: 978-2-86842-198-2

Number of pages
Number of illustrations
19,5X25 cm
Bookshop, Editions Universcience, Exhibitions, Spys

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