Le Point De Bascule
Le Point De Bascule

Le Point De Bascule


How did New York City go from being a crime capital to a safe city in a matter of months in the mid-1990s? How did a has-been shoe brand reclaim the global fashion market from a few trendy clubs in Manhattan? How do we explain the suicide "epidemics" in Micronesia?... The Tipping Point is the story of a simple idea: the best way to understand the emergence of fashions, the drop in crime, the birth of bestsellers, the increase in teenage smoking, the word-of-mouth phenomenon, or any other mysterious change, is to conceive of them as epidemics. And nothing resists Malcolm Gladwell's analysis: fashion, marketing, religious ideology, high-tech society... not even the American Revolution! Tracing the genesis of a few resounding successes, he shows that minor changes, meticulously planned, can cause real social epidemics. In all cases, a rare bird, a principle of adhesion that makes a message "contagious", and a favorable context are enough to trigger the epidemic. Whatever the field: how to provoke a snowball effect.

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