Blue is a universal color, that of the humble as well as the noble, of the renter as well as the industrious, of the manual worker as well as the banker. It is the blue shirt and faded Bermuda shorts of the New England American like the tunic of the Chinese peasant transplanting rice in the mist of the Guizhou mountains. It is the apron on which the washerwoman wipes her hands, the druggist's drugstore, the mechanic's greasy overalls, the farmer's blue jeans photographed by Walker Evans. Catherine Legrand has travelled the world for more than 2 years to achieve this exceptional work on how Indigo is cultivated and used in the world today. She has brought back an iconography and testimonies that make this beautiful book a unique reference on this subject. You will find in this book:* a series of photographic diptychs in which the designer Catherine Legrand takes us on a textile journey on indigo;* a travel notebook that captures the whole and details of the garment, the fabric, its material, its color, its secrets, its manufacture.


Catherine Legrand

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