Botaki: Ready To Sow Kit
Botaki: Ready To Sow Kit

Botaki: Ready To Sow Kit


Each kit ready to sow is associated with a seed to be cultivated (tomato, carrot, radish...).
With the Botaki ready to sow kits :
- The children make their pots by reusing the cardboard packaging. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed!
- They plant the seeds and grow their plants at home.
- In order not to screw up, they are accompanied by the Botaguide. It is a book dedicated to the seed in which they discover the history of the plant, funny anecdotes, gardening tips, games, workshops and quizzes.
- For each chapter, a QR-code allows the child to deepen his or her knowledge thanks to the edutainment mini-games available in the Botaki application.


Made in France
Organic Agriculture
Eco-designed and recyclable
From 4 years old

Contains :
- 2 jars to be made with the box carton
- Dehydrated earth pellets
- 1 packet of certified organic seeds
- 1 Botaguide, book dedicated to the cultivated seed (20 cm x 20 cm, 30 pages)
- 1 Botaki universe poster
- 1 access to the edutainment application (compatible with tablets and IOS or Androïd phones)
- 1 user guide

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