Atlas de la Botanique
Atlas de la Botanique

Atlas de la Botanique


Botanist, explorer of the tropical equatorial forests that he has been criss-crossing for forty years, sketchbook in hand, Francis Hallé invites us in this Atlas of poetic botany to an illustrated journey to meet extraordinary plants.
From the countless sketchbooks lining the shelves of his office in Montpellier, he has extracted a sample of the most astonishing specimens. From Codariocalyx motorius, the plant that dances, to the Solanaceae of Argentina, those underground trees that can only be seen as a carpet of leaves on the ground, their modes of development and adaptation often surpass our understanding to enchant our imagination.
Exuberant, enigmatic, endowed with surprising abilities, the plant wonders presented in this cabinet of unexpected curiosities plead in favour of the safeguard of tropical forests today seriously threatened.


Book in french
Author : Francis Hallé
Publisher : Arthaud

Number of pages
19 x 26 cm
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