Pourquoi ça tombe ?
Pourquoi ça tombe ?

Pourquoi ça tombe ?


After studying how human constructions, from rudimentary shelters to the largest buildings, held up ("How does that hold?"), Mario Salvadori analyzes all the structural and constructive parameters that contribute to the destruction of buildings. A building is designed when it is drawn, it is born when it is built, lives while it is standing, dies of old age or of an unexpected accident, and the accidental death of a construction is always due to the failure of its skeleton, structure. Thanks to an abundant illustration, the author explains here the great catastrophes of the history of architecture - collapses of domes, bridges or towers following design errors, lack of maintenance or exceptional phenomena, natural or other. This second volume was updated by the collaborators of Mario Salvadori after his disappearance, to take into account the most recent examples, in particular the destruction of the twin towers of New York, whose process of collapse is finely deciphered here.



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