Party face
Party face

Party face

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Enjoy a modern day masquerade ball with a comic twist, and get ready for some hilariously silly dress up fun!

Taking inspiration from classic masquerade balls, this set of face masks allows you to hide your identity and take on the persona of someone else at parties. The set comes with 6 different party masks included, each one in the style of a fun-loving party guest. So pick your character and enjoy the freedom of being someone else for the evening, before identities are finally revealed.

The fun party masks each come with two glasses style arms to fit comfortably around your face, without ruining your hair. There are also discreet eye holes for you to look through, so you can see the world through someone else's eyes. A great way to break the ice or just get everyone into the spirit of things, Masquerade allows party guests to be themselves by first being someone else. So pick your alter-ego and relax, with Masquerade you'll be sure to have a ball!


Brand: Paladone

Fashion, Vêtements et déguisements

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