Unlock ! - Les Vacances De Noside
Unlock ! - Les Vacances De Noside

Unlock ! - Les Vacances De Noside


CAN YOU STOP PROFESSOR NOSIDE? It's the day of the big contest in your vacation village! A suspicious individual, Professor Noside, will do anything to win the grand prize. You must stop his evil plan at all costs! So you sign up for the various tests to find out what is going on... Will you manage to solve the mystery in time? Discover an original adventure in which you will have to observe, investigate and solve puzzles like in a real escape game.
Thanks to these riddles, you will progress in the investigation and in the book, to find the solution in 60 minutes maximum! An immersive adventure in the world of Unlock®. WHAT IS AN ESCAPE GAME? As a team, you are locked in a themed room. Your objective is to get out by searching the room, solving riddles and deciphering codes, all in less than 60 minutes.
Based on the principle of the escape game, here is the book that allows you to play at home, alone or with others!


Benjamin Bouwyn, Rémi Prieur, Mélanie Vives
Matthieu Gueritte

Number of pages
48 pages
Publication date
20,2 cm × 29,5 cm × 0,8 cm
Bookshop, Kids books, Exhibitions, Urgence climatique