Le petit chaperon rouge
Le petit chaperon rouge

Le petit chaperon rouge

French version

Joanna Concejo appropriates with extraordinary mastery the story of Red Riding Hood, presented here in her two "canonical" versions of Charles Perrault and the Grimm brothers, accompanied by a text by Jacques-Pierre Amée. The color pencil illustration is resolutely contemporary, offering a very personal interpretation of storytelling! As often in her work of illustration, Joanna Concejo goes well beyond the text and takes all the poetic freedom due to a single artist, and that always remaining of a realism and a perfection of execution really out of the common. Result, a masterpiece!
We propose you to rediscover in a single illustrated volume, the original texts of Perrault and Grimm Brothers, now almost impossible to find, because all the red Chaperons in circulation, are often only adaptations or rewrites.


Joanna Concejo

Number of pages
29.9 x 21.6 cm
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