Escape - Playmobil en avant les histoires
Escape - Playmobil en avant les histoires

Escape - Playmobil en avant les histoires


ESCAPE! Can you escape from this book? Like the "Escape Games" where the objective is to escape from a world that holds us prisoner, this interactive book offers the reader the opportunity to help his favorite hero to escape from a perilous situation or danger! Don't miss this unique encounter with Chi, Geronimo Stilton and Sea Shepherd, while waiting for the other heroes we'll be offering! With no time limit and no extra equipment required (no need for erasers, pencils or paper!), the adventure here consists of solving age-appropriate riddles in order to move forward and, ultimately, find one of the possible exits.
Whether it's a matter of using the right objects, deciphering a code or discovering a secret passage, observation, deduction and a sense of timing will be the readers' best allies in this new kind of non-linear adventure. Each escape book has an immersive tutorial that quickly immerses readers in the adventures of their heroes. A colorful map also helps readers find their way through the search, and those who are stalling can even use a clue booklet! There are no turnkey solutions here, but rather a great deal of freedom of action with just the right amount of nudges to ensure that you never get stuck.
Escape! Playmobil the Movie With Escape Playmobil the Movie, you are the hero. You'll have to explore the incredibly animated Playmobil worlds to get home. But don't worry, Marla will be there to help you. Ready for an adventure? This one book is all you need to have a great time. An original adventure to read and reread, to play alone or with others! Two flaps with : - A detailed map to help you find your way around - Objects to help you progress in the story - A book of clues to help you if you get stuck Difficulty: 1/3 Accessibility: 3/3 Faithfulness to the universe: 3/3

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