Monkey Light M210 - Front or rear light
Monkey Light M210 - Front or rear light

Monkey Light M210 - Front or rear light

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Stand out! The M210 Monkey Light is a rugged, practical and high-performance bike light that offers optimal visibility in all weather conditions. 10 color LEDs, 20 different themes, and waterproof!

The M210 is fixed to your spokes and allows the display of light patterns when your wheels turn. Affirm your style with the latest themes imagined by MonkeyLight's electronic artists.
In addition to its fun dimension, Monkey Light bike lighting provides unmatched bike visibility for added safety. The experience of several users of this product demonstrates this, especially in the city, where cars double the bike with a distance that is often much larger than usual.


The MonkeyLight M210 in a nutshell is:
- 10 ultra-bright LEDs
- 20 themes for hundreds of color combinations (2 buttons on the lighting allow you to change theme or color)
- 80 lumens of power
- Colorful graphics
- Use in any weather since its manufacture guarantees an extreme seal.
- Security: Allows you to be seen from afar, thanks to the luminous power it releases.
Certainly more effective than most bike lights made so far
- Very wide angle of Visibility
- Stainless steel anti-theft strap
- Up to 40 hours of use
- Fast and very simple editing, in less than 5 minutes (see the video montage [In English]).
- Batteries not included
- Compatible with 16 '' wheels like the wheels of folding bikes (ex: Brompton)
- Made in the USA

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