Fire extinguisher emergency 112 red
Fire extinguisher emergency 112 red

Fire extinguisher emergency 112 red

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Fire design - a unique fire safety concept
Fire design is more than just an extinguisher !

The extinguishing agent of the Fire design extinguishers is dry powder.
They can be used to extinguish all outbreaks of fire, such as :
- Wood, paper, cardboard, cloth
- Electricity-induced fires
- Flammable liquids and plastics
-Gas fires

A registration number and EC approval engraved on the extinguisher's pressure vessel make the extinguisher unique.
The extinguisher's controlling gauge enables its owner to see at a glance if the extinguisher is in good working order.
The date-bearing seal of the extinguisher's pin provides a 10-year guarantee against any manufacturing fault.
The guarantee certificate shows the registration number of the extinguisher and the year it was placed on the market.

How does it work ?
Fire Design extinguishers are easily installed.
The mounting unit delivered with the Fire design extinguisher allows the extinguisher to be placed in an upright position or to be mounted on the wall.
It includes the instructions for use and telephone numbers to call in case of emergency.
There is a blank space where you can write the number of your choice.


Extinguisher Fire design
Tank: 1Kg marquée CE
Compositions: Steel
Duration of Use: 8 secondes
Weight: 2.5 kg
Height: 33cm
Fire extinguishing agent : polyvalent powder ABC
10-year global warranty
Free and unlimited refills
Mounting bracket included

Décoration, Maison, Exhibitions, Feu

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