Buy this robust T-rex and pterodactyl dinosaur!
Build a great dinosaur park with your child. All toy blocks are designed to meet the physical and emotional development of the child. By building and playing with this set, children develop not only their motor and creative skills, but also their cognitive abilities. Stimulate your children's imagination and creativity and buy BiOBUDDi's organic toys.


T-rex toy set :
The new robust T-rex toy set from BiOBUDDi consists of 24 building blocks, many of which are printed with it. In addition, there are 6 slot blocks and 7 express cards. This is a nice toy for a child of 2 years and older. There are not 1 but 2 very cool dinosaurs. The background is brand new, you can express it yourself from the 100% recyclable packaging.

Sustainable toy blocks:
The sustainable toy blocks are made from the sugar cane plant. The blocks are environmentally friendly, recyclable, durable and also interchangeable with other block brands. Playing with blocks is good for a young child's motor development. With BiOBUDDi products, you show that you are treating the planet in an environmentally friendly way. All BiOBUDDi organic toys are produced in the Netherlands in an environmentally friendly manner.

The main advantages of the article:
Environmentally friendly on the basis of sugar cane.
Made in the Netherlands.
The building is good for motor skills and fantasy.
100% recyclable packaging.
The toy blocks can be combined with blocks of other well-known brands.
Combine this set with other dinosaurs.
Combine this set with another amazingly fun set like the Stegosaurus, Triceratops or Brontosaurus and have the craziest adventures. Increase the fun, difficulty and confidence of a toddler.

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