Activity book "Cabanes"
Activity book "Cabanes"

Activity book "Cabanes"


This activity book of the "Cabanes" exhibition offers fifteen activities to do after the visit, such as:
- A memo of the huts;
- Make a hut with blankets,
- Build a cabin (in the living room;
- Make a paper cabin;
- Hidden cabins;
- The labyrinth of huts;
- Coloring huts;

The author, Stéphanie Grison, is a school teacher and teaches children in nursery and elementary classes and children who have difficulty learning to read. She is also author of educational, scholastic and extracurricular books from different publishers.
One of the links with the exhibition outside of the style and the spirit that one finds there, it is the artistic aspect: Marion Barraud, who carried out illustrations for the exhibition, realizes also those of the notebook of 'activities.


  • 4/7 years old
  • Size 18 x 23 cm
  • Number of pages: 24
  • metal stitched binding.
  • French
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