Edible insects - Grasshoppers paprika
Edible insects - Grasshoppers paprika

Edible insects - Grasshoppers paprika


Welcome to Mexico with our paprika grasshoppers to eat
Ola! Grasshoppers are commonly eaten in Mexico.It's a small species called "Chapulines" that is cooked with lemon juice and chili pepper. We were inspired by this recipe and we created a spicy paprika grasshopper for you. The mix between the paprika and smoke pepper will make you and your guests travel. They can be served as a snack with a cold Cerveza or they can add some proteins and a crispy texture to your fajita. Eating grasshoppers have never been so easy and tasty!

Eating grasshoppers is good for your health!
Eating edible insects present several health benefits. They are really high in complete proteins that will provide all the essential amino acids your body needs.
They also contain fibers that will provide satiety and improve your digestion, several minerals such as zinc, magnesium and iron.

Interested in eating spiced insects?
We are like you, we enjoy eating hot grasshoppers. That's why we created a brand new flavour! If you like spiced insects such as our Paprika grasshoppers, you'll love our brand new spicy chilli Buffalo worm !

Eat insects for environmental reasons
We often see mentions about how insects could be the food of the future. As they are really nutritious and can be sustainably farm, they will definitely be on our plates tomorrow. But why not start now?
At JIMINI'S, we wanted to accustom Westerners to this new food source today by creating a whole range of delicious insect products. So why not starting by grabbing delicious grasshoppers and share them your friends?


Ready to eat grasshoppers - 1 to 2 persons
10g around 15 grasshoppers in a box
Insects contain similar allergens to crustacians
European edible grasshoppers cooked in France

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