Je découvre les émotions
Je découvre les émotions

Je découvre les émotions


Adapted from the hit album "The Color of Emotions" by Anna Llenas, I Discover Emotions is a game that teaches your child to manage his emotions through ten evolutionary activities. His first encounter with emotions is with cards, then he learns to observe himself and to mime emotions thanks to the monster's mirror! When he grows up, bottles filled with pompoms invite him to associate a color with emotion. The wheel of emotions then helps him to express himself on his emotions to gradually identify, understand and welcome them with confidence. Serenity which will be at its peak with the yoga of the monster which presents eleven postures of relaxation as well as their benefits. The little extra? An educational guide accompanies the parent with explanations and the concrete benefits of each activity!


Contains 14 large discovery cards, 1 wheel of emotions with rotating arrow, 1 mirror, 7 bottles with labels to stick and 120 tassels (20 of each color), 1 magnetic board and 33 magnets, 10 large yoga cards and 1 guide of 20 pages .

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