Une histoire de la forêt
Une histoire de la forêt

Une histoire de la forêt


Mysterious, ancestral, wild or to be conquered, the forest fascinates, frightens and arouses desire. Civilisation has been built against, alongside but also with these largely unknown and strange spaces. A place of exile, refuge and spirituality, a hunting ground and a playground, the forest nourishes the imagination. At the same time, as a reserve of raw materials and energy resources, the woods have enabled the European population to live and survive. Martine Chalvet takes a long view, from the "hairy" Gaul of the Celts to current ecological protests. She analyses the different facets of forest landscapes, but also the multiple and competing logics that have clashed over the possession, domestication and exploitation of wooded areas, an economic, land and strategic issue, a source of vital income for some and a symbol of land wealth for others. If 2011 is the year of the forest, this book restores its history, its greatness and underlines the threats that weigh on it.


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Author : Martine Chalvet
Editor : Seuil

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