Umami - The secrets of the fifth flavor
Umami - The secrets of the fifth flavor

Umami - The secrets of the fifth flavor


Find 35 recipes to increase the flavor of your dishes.

What is umami? It is the glutamate, the substance at the origin of the fifth taste. It has become the darling of cooks and commentators. Was it, as legend has it, discovered by Ikeda the Japanese or was it discovered by Brillat-Savarin the Frenchman? Is it only found in oriental cuisine? Can it be found in typical Western foods or dishes? From mother's milk, which is very rich in umami, to Roquefort cheese, sauerkraut, or wine, umami is a fifth particular taste.
The Western classification only reserves a small part for it, leaving the four basic tastes (sweet, salty, sour and bitter) to share the totality of the flavors. The book reviews recent research on this flavor. It also reveals some lesser-known secrets. Did you know that umami is used in everything from the bottom of these, to potato chips and even Coca-Cola? The dangers of a diet too rich in glutamate are well known, including extreme fatigue or headaches.
Thanks to small exercises, the book will help you to easily identify umami in dishes and preparations. Wine pairings are not left out, because in small doses the natural glutamate of food is the gourmet's best friend.

Author's Biography:

Professor Fabrizio Bucella, sommelier and director of the Inter Wine & Dine School of Oenology, offers a surprising and original insight into the mysteries surrounding umami. You will learn how to detect it in natural foods and how to use it wisely. Ummami will no longer hold any secrets for you.


Author : Fabrizio Bucella
Illustrator : Manon Belaïche
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