Taste, a matter of the nose? 80 keys to understanding taste
Taste, a matter of the nose? 80 keys to understanding taste

Taste, a matter of the nose? 80 keys to understanding taste


Taste is a multi-faceted experience that awakens all our senses. It is a sense so familiar that it is necessary to be deprived of it to measure its importance and complexity.

This book invites you to discover how the sense of taste works through 80 questions, anecdotes and numerous illustrations. Did you know, for example, that we taste with our nose? Could you define the different flavors? Why do we all have different tastes? Can we lose our sense of taste?

Scientists have now identified the receptors that allow our taste buds to perceive flavors. For example, we have 25 receptors for bitterness as opposed to only one type of receptor for sweetness!

In addition, knowledge of taste genes now makes it possible to compare taste receptors between animal species. The cat, for example, does not perceive the sweet taste while the dolphin is insensitive to bitterness. Many taste receptors have also been found in unexpected organs and tissues. Would you have imagined that the sweet taste receptor was present in the gut and the brain?

Prepare to be amazed by this subtle sense that gives flavor to life and that has not yet revealed all its secrets. A real treat for gourmets!

Loïc Briand is Director of Research at the French National Institute for Research in Agriculture, Food and the Environment (INRAE). A specialist in molecular and cellular biology, he works at the Centre des sciences du goût et de l'alimentation in Dijon, where he studies taste receptors and sweet plant proteins.


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