Sociologie des supporters
Sociologie des supporters

Sociologie des supporters


Although it has been part of the sports landscape for several decades, the figure of the fan remains ambivalent. Between valuing fervor and worrying about excess and disorder, it gives rise to a range of representations, from the obsessive enthusiast, who is ridiculed, to the excited fan, who is condemned. How can we define the condition of a supporter? Who are the members of the collectives animating the sports meetings? What role does television play? This book is the first synthesis available in French of the forms of support expressed around the spectacle of sport, captured from a sociological perspective. It attempts to restore the logic of public involvement in competitions that punctuate the temporality of contemporary societies. In an accessible style, the presentation of the founding research and the most recent works reveals the complexity and nuances of a reality often reduced to clichés.

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