Small stories of the kitchen to tell with your mouth full
Small stories of the kitchen to tell with your mouth full

Small stories of the kitchen to tell with your mouth full


Cooking is unique to humans, the only living being to seek to improve its dishes: from picking to sandwiches, through ravioli and the invention of canning, Jean Baudet explores history from a new angle!

Intended for the general public of those who eat, gourmets, gourmets or gastronomes, and for the public of cooks and restaurant owners, this book is a fascinating history of cooking, of small dishes, of great dishes, and of cooks who have left their name in history, that is to say on our plates. Because it is not enough to eat, we must know what we are eating. It is therefore fascinating to follow the traces of cooking through the ages. We will know where our main dishes come from, like sauerkraut or rum baba, what Louis XIV or Napoleon ate, what are the origins of the most famous restaurants, the most glorious dishes, the most starred chefs.

We will meditate on the human condition, from prehistoric times and the first cookings, to our time of return to "forgotten vegetables". Because, by the way, Man is the only animal that prepares its food and eats it hot! Cooking is, truly, the essence of Man. A reading that opens the mind and of course, the appetite. With a good dose of anecdotes, a few turns of the mill of philosophy, a bouquet garnished with erudition not too heavy, and a pinch of salt.

The author, Jean C. Baudet, a philosopher, has specialized in the historical and critical study of systems of thought. He has read a lot, thought a lot, written a lot and, above all, eaten a lot. A reading that opens the mind and, of course, the appetite.


Author: Jean C. BAUDET
Format : Large format
Binding : Paperback
Language : French
Weight : 345 gr

Number of pages
Publication date
14.1 x 21.6 x 2.2 cm
Jourdan Editeur
Bookshop, Books, Exhibitions, Banquet

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