Pierre Gagnaire's 5 seasons cooking - 105 simple and creative recipes
Pierre Gagnaire's 5 seasons cooking - 105 simple and creative recipes

Pierre Gagnaire's 5 seasons cooking - 105 simple and creative recipes


A true artist in the kitchen, Pierre Gagnaire makes his gastronomy accessible to all, adapting his best recipes for the general public, from appetizer to dessert.

The book consists of 30 menus, or 90 recipes, and is divided into 5 seasons; for Pierre Gagnaire, the year is divided into 5 periods and not 4, the beginning of spring being in itself a fifth season!

For each season, he proposes 6 menus respecting the freshness of the products and the balance between the 3 dishes that compose them.
Thanks to his talent as a teacher, the most impressive recipes become easy to make!

Veal stew with star anise, whole endive stuffed with dried apricots and golden raisins, sole terrine with leeks, meat pithivier, berrichonne egg, large split pea gnocchi with porcini mushrooms... the savory dishes are prepared with maestro style but remain accessible to all amateurs, even the least experienced! As for the desserts, from local cakes to the most sophisticated sweets, they escape from Pierre Gagnaire's imagination before our eyes to take the form of recipes that everyone can concoct.
Vanilla cookie rolls, emulsified strawberry juice, fruit salad with Campari, lemon tuile, pink grapefruit jelly... each season has its own favorite fruits and desserts.

Biography of Pierre Gagnaire :

At the head of restaurants located all over the world, from London to Dubai via Las Vegas and of course Paris (at the Balzac), Pierre Gagnaire represents the excellence and creativity of French cuisine, recognized by the entire planet as an outstanding chef.


Author : Pierre Gagnaire
Photographer: Jacques Gavard
Illustrations : Color
Language: French
Format : Large format
Binding : Hardback
Presentation : Paperback
Weight : 1.392 Kg

Number of pages
Publication date
22,8 cm × 25,3 cm × 2,8 cm
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