Le Feu. Aux sources de la civilisation
Le Feu. Aux sources de la civilisation

Le Feu. Aux sources de la civilisation


Nothing has more marked the rupture of man with animality than the possession of fire. After a slow domestication, begun about 500 000 years ago, which allowed him to defend himself against wild beasts, to cook food, to light and to heat himself, came the time of the first metamorphoses of matter - stones lime limestone, plaster gypsum, glass sand - then that of metal fires and blacksmiths. And as nothing better strikes the imagination than its flames, that it ensures the fertility of the land, the beasts and the men, that it is a source of purification, the fire became in all the civilizations of East and The West a subject of festivals and rites, an object of worship, the messenger of the gods.
From the firewood of our ancestors to the steam engine, from the fire of the powder to the explosion engine, Pascal Richet traces the history of the conquest of fire. And reveals the secrets, from the origin of the flames and tints of heat to the speed of combustion.


Author: Pascal Richet

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