La Terre à l'oeil nu
La Terre à l'oeil nu

La Terre à l'oeil nu


What forces cause earthquakes, volcanoes or tsunamis? Did the magnetic field and the activity of the depths determine the evolution of the living? Is there another Earth in the universe?
The Earth was formed over 4.5 billion years ago and we have been observing it in its entirety intensely for only a few decades. The deepest drilling has painfully reached 12 km while the center of the Earth is more than 6,300 km below our feet. What do we know about the history of our planet, the nature of its womb?
In ten chapters that showcase the work of geoscientists, the authors take us on a journey from the cracks in the Earth's crust to the molten core, to capture what connects us to the planet we inhabit


Authors : Nicolas Coltice , Romain Jolivet , Jean-Arthur Olive , Alexandre Schubnel

Number of pages
17 x 21 cm
Bookshop, Books, The Taste of Science Prize, 2019 Edition

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