How does healthy eating work?
How does healthy eating work?

How does healthy eating work?


Is there an ideal diet? Is it necessary to drink eight glasses of water a day? What is gluten, and why do so many people want to avoid it? The media is full of new food discoveries and advice every day, but do they have any scientific value? This abundantly illustrated book demystifies certain preconceived ideas on nutrition and allows you to explore the great chain of food, from the mode of production to the nutritional value of your plate, while passing by the proven benefits of certain foods on many pathologies.


Author(s): Jonathan Metcalf, Antonia Leibovici (Translator), Mark Clifton (Illustrator), Phil Gamble (Illustrator), Collective
Collection : How does it work ?
Cover : Hardcover
Presentation : Paperback
Language : French
Format : Large format
Weight : 753g

Number of pages
Publication date
19,8 cm × 23,4 cm × 2,1 cm
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