History of fashion
History of fashion

History of fashion

History of fashion

This beautifully illustrated book traces the history of fashion through the centuries, from the very first clothes to the 20th century. Young readers will be able to admire the evolution of tastes and styles, from the opulent outfits of the nobility of the 15th and 16th centuries to the elephant's feet and wedge heels of the 1970s, through the boyish style of the 1920s and the miniskirts of the 1960s.
This book takes up the contents of several books from the collection J'habille mes amies - à travers l'Histoire to offer a detailed panorama of two millennia of fashion. Information on the historical context accompanies the illustrations. A beautiful book to offer to all fashion or history enthusiasts.


Emily Bone, Laura Cowan, Simona Bursi, Ingrid Liman

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19,7 cm × 24,8 cm × 1,5 cm
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