Foodpairing the science of taste
Foodpairing the science of taste

Foodpairing the science of taste


"We build the tools to cook with pleasure. " -
"The marriage of flavors is an exciting world, and it's very exciting to see the combinations that work well! " - Heston Blumenthal.

Based on a revolutionary scientific approach that combines neurogastronomy (the way the brain perceives flavor) and the analysis of flavor profiles derived from chemical components in food, the Foodpairing method identifies the most effective ingredient combinations.
This book describes why the combinations of ingredients that we know and love work so well (strawberries + chocolate), but also opens up a new world of delicious combinations (strawberries + parmesan) that will transform the way we cook and eat. This book scientifically explains the marriage of flavors and offers ten times more combinations than any other title on the subject. It is destined to become THE reference on the subject, and a classic for those who are passionate about the art of eating well.

About the authors:

Armed with a master's degree in bioengineering and a master's degree in intellectual property law, Bernard Lahousse began his career supervising research and development for several agri-food companies before becoming a consultant for various global companies. His scientific approach to innovation predestined him to become Director of Research and Development at Foodpairing.
He also oversees partnerships. Peter Coucquyt perfected his mastery of classical cuisine while working as sous chef to Peter Goossens, chef of the 3-star restaurant Hof van Cleve in Kruishoutem, Belgium. At the same time, he continued his research on molecular cuisine and obtained his "Master Sommelier" diploma. He then became chef at Kasteel Withof, a hotel-restaurant in Antwerp, and obtained his first Michelin star.
In 2005, Peter Coucquyt was considered the most promising chef in Belgium. Today, he works on his culinary expertise by using the science of foodpairing to transform basic ingredients into tantalizing combinations, finding a balance between aroma, taste and texture. Johan Langenbick has always been at the intersection of food technology, innovation and sustainability. With a background in industrial design, Johan uses his expertise in product development and business management to develop startups like Foodpairing.


Authors: Peter Coucquyt, Bernard Lahousse, Johan Langenbick
Translator: Elisabeth Boyer
Language : French
Weight : 1808 grams

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224 x 287 mm
Hachette Pratique
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