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Enter the world of Thierry Marx thanks to Sandrine Quétier. Presenter on TF1, Sandrine is also a young woman of today, lover of good food even if it is difficult for her to differentiate Jerusalem artichokes from parsnips, or to know what to do with a kilo of chard. Thierry Marx takes her to a supermarket for an unforgettable culinary shopping session. A well-stocked shopping cart: 50 very accessible products, each of which is declined in 2 ultra simple recipes.
The book offers 100 recipes, all illustrated, ultra gourmet, that everyone can easily cook on a daily basis. Ultra efficient (visually and pedagogically); ultra attractive (round corners, spaces to annotate, personalize...); ultra light (light paper, small pagination... the anti Easy Marx); ultra practical (accessible and economical products); ultra good (Chef Thierry Marx's daily recipes). A pretty recipe book to slip into your bag when you go shopping: cooking on a daily basis becomes creative, simple and economical!


Author(s) : Thierry Marx, Sandrine Quétier
Photographer : Mathilde de L'Ecotais
Collection : Cuisine-Gastro
Language : French
Presentation : Hardcover
Weight : 646 g

Number of pages
Publication date
22,8 x 17,8 x 2,1 cm
Marabout, La Martinière
Bookshop, Books, Exhibitions, Banquet

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