Carte postale Woodhi Bois Skiing
Carte postale Woodhi Bois Skiing

Carte postale Woodhi Bois Skiing


The sportsmen of Bo Lundberg do not resemble any others. Elegant, distinguished, and very chic.


Cards are made of maple, a wood essence carefully chosen for its technical and aesthetic qualities.
It is a common species naturally present in most continents and is not affected by deforestation.
The forests from which our maple comes are sustainably managed and the wood we use is not treated.
Plus, wood rings are like digital fingerprints.

So each WOODHI card is unique.


The special and rare technique to work wood veneer sheets gives the products resistance, finesse, and suppleness. Associated with high-quality printing, the finish is remarkable.

In addition, cards can be mailed with a standard stamp (normal postage) and are compatible with all automated machines of your national Post offices.


The collections are eclectic, the styles varied and the whole ... is very different.


Material : Wood

Exhibitions, Body and Sport