Toutes les idées sont dans la nature !
Toutes les idées sont dans la nature !

Toutes les idées sont dans la nature !


Animals and plants are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for those who know how to observe them. This science is called biomimicry: it aims to imitate nature. It is at the origin of fascinating inventions...

In this book are declined by themes (transport, architecture/habitat, medicine, robotics, etc.) the inventions born from these observations. About fifty astonishing and little-known examples are evoked: the lotus inspired self-cleaning paints and windows; moths, a very effective bomb detector; termites, natural air conditioning; mosquitoes, a painless needle; ants, geolocation applications... Sometimes revolutionary advances and changes, non-polluting technologies, efficient renewable energies. Each invention is explained and related to the animal or plant species concerned, accompanied by a text describing the "extraordinary" feature copied by the biomimetic engineers.


Book in french

Authors: Carina Louart
Illustration : Laura Ancona
Publisher: Actes Sud junior

Number of pages
Publication year
20 x 27 cm
Bookshop, Kids books, Exhibitions, Bio-inspirée

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