Le Vivant comme modèle
Le Vivant comme modèle

Le Vivant comme modèle


To all those who, aware of the urgency of the ecological challenges, are worried about the future, this book brings tremendous hope, at once technical, strategic and philosophical. Its idea is based on the observation that nature is a gigantic laboratory, billions of years old, and rich in as many solutions as we have problems.

Launched some thirty years ago on the other side of the Atlantic by naturalists of a new kind, mostly women, the biomimicry movement is now developing in Europe. In all sectors, it offers bridges between those who build the world: engineers, managers, merchants, farmers, doctors... and the scientists who study nature.

"Gauthier Chapelle proposes a change of perspective: nature is no longer an inexhaustible source of raw materials, it is an inexhaustible source of knowledge. "Nicolas Hulot


Book in french

Authors : Gauthier Chapelle et Michèle Decoust

Number of pages
11cm x 18cm
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