Biomimétisme - Il y a du génie dans la nature !
Biomimétisme - Il y a du génie dans la nature !

Biomimétisme - Il y a du génie dans la nature !


For 3.85 billion years, nature has been making life flourish. That's to say that it is one step ahead of us! Thanks to science, we are becoming more aware every day of the incredible performance of the living world. "Take your lessons in nature! "said Leonardo da Vinci. From the "solar" wings of the Morpho butterfly to the universal blood-donating sea worm, from carbon sink algae to the medical teachings of chimpanzees, to the thread of the spider five times stronger than steel, man marvels and invents.
Canes for the blind based on echolocation, high-efficiency wind turbines as flexible as wings, "living" buildings as sensitive as pine cones to climate variations, and perhaps one day cities illuminated by the lights of the abyss, the source of inspiration is inexhaustible and the fields of application of biomimicry multiple. Many solutions to the problems facing our societies seem to be found in the heart of the nature that surrounds us, let's listen to it! This beautiful book presents 30 examples of bio-inspired approaches and shows how, from the genius of nature finally unveiled, researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs imagine for us the world of tomorrow.


Book in french
Author : Jean-Philippe Camborde
Publisher : Quae Éditions

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