Architectes du monde animal
Architectes du monde animal

Architectes du monde animal


Have you ever noticed, on a stone wall or on the back of a sign along a road, unusual miniature sheaths made of plant debris? It is the work of psychic butterfly caterpillars. Like them, other animals individually surround themselves with a protective envelope, or secrete it, exposing to the sight of the curious these often aesthetic constructions. No less astonishing are the family shelters that many animals build to protect their descendants.
Even more astonishing, some animals pool their efforts and resources to design collective housing! Summary or sophisticated, all these shelters, which meet the specific needs of the species, show a great diversity of architectural forms and organization: cocoons, shells, nests, burrows, galleries, etc. The spectacular photos in this book and the texts within everyone's reach take us on a journey of discovery of an ingenious nature.
Through about thirty examples, from marine worms to mammals and birds, including weaving ants, frogs, and of course spiders, the authors present animal constructions as varied as the skills of their architects. A great incentive to better respect the biodiversity of our world.


Book in french
Authors : Vincent Albouy & Eric Darrouzet
Publisher : Quae Editions

21 x 24 cm
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