Newton's Chicken: Science in the Kitchen
Newton's Chicken: Science in the Kitchen

Newton's Chicken: Science in the Kitchen


If it is fashionable to explain the subtleties of cooking, or even to propose new recipes, based on scientific knowledge in physical chemistry, it is less known that the former have largely fertilized the latter.

What does science owe to cooking? The author answers this question with a series of humorous episodes, from Socrates to Bertrand Russell, via Newton, Réaumur and Pasteur. How, for example, can a conceptual revolution in geology be linked to minestrone, whipped cream and cold fusion? The summary of the book, in the form of a menu, does not lack flavor.

This book, beyond the apparent lightness of its theme, presents a solid critical argumentation, revenge of the "soft" science on the "hard" science. It shows that the most rigorous researches do not escape the errors and the approximations, and that their progress is often due to chance and empiricism, reconducting the fruitful trials of a chef in his kitchen.

Massimiano Bucchi is a specialist in scientific and technical communication, professor of sociology at the University of Trento, and author of numerous publications on the relationship between science and society.


Author: Massimiano Bucchi
Collection: Gastronomy | Open Science
Translated from the Italian by Jérôme Nicolas
Cover : Paperback
Language : French
Weight: 230g

Number of pages
Publication date
14,0 cm × 20,5 cm × 1,2 cm
Exhibitions, Banquet

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