Mille milliards de fourmis
Mille milliards de fourmis

Mille milliards de fourmis


Do the ants have only one queen? Do they eat vegetables and garden fruits? What happens when one of them finds himself in a colony other than his own? Are ants closer to termites or bees? And the soldiers, are they only fighting?

From Delphine Godard, Roland Garrigue, Palais de la découverte

If the ant is the subject of accepted ideas, it is now time to remedy it. In the spirit of Au Fil des Spiders (published in 2008 in partnership with the National Museum of Natural History), this documentary for the general public was created during an exhibition, but is in itself a work reference.


30,8 x 0,7 x 21,5 cm
30 pages

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