Where will we go?
Where will we go?

Where will we go?


The human consequences of the rising sea levels
Les conséquences humaines de l'élévation du niveau de la mer De Kadir van Lohuizen.

Photo report diary of Kadir van Lohuizen who crossed several seas and oceans to meet various populations affected by the rise in the water level. He went in particular to Kiribati, to the Fiji Islands, on the atoll Carteret (Papua New Guinea), in Bangladesh, to Guna Yala (Panama), but also in the United States (Boston, Miami) and in the United Kingdom (Yorkshire) where the inhabitants begin to adapt themselves to ecosystems impacted by the climatic disorder.

Published on the occasion of the COP21, world Conference on the climate (30 nov. - In December 11th, 2015 in Paris) and of Climate, the exhibition in 360 ° presented to the Museum of Science and Industry.


2015, 100 color photos, 64 p., half-tabloid (folded 21 x 29,7 cms; open 29,7 x 42 cms); bilingual English/French

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