L'avenir des forêts?
L'avenir des forêts?

L'avenir des forêts?


Drinking water, food, medicines, climate regulation: beyond wood, what goods and services does the forest provide to humans? How many Terrans live in the forest? What are the causes of deforestation? Where is the phenomenon in the world? Traditional agriculture and forest irreconcilable? Will forests suffer from global warming? In order to preserve the future of tropical forests, should they be "sidelined"? In the tropics or in our latitudes, do we know how to manage a forest sustainably while allowing people to live on it?


By Stéphane Guéneau and Isabelle Biagiotti
Co-publication Belin / Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, 2015, 80 pages, 21 x 24 cm,

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